Jessa Rhodes has been on my mind for quite a while for several reasons. If you haven’t seen her, her eyes are amazingly captivating, and she knows how to rock skimpy togs. And like other elite erotica performers, she’s got an ass, which makes me hungry for cake, and a bust, which makes me thirsty for a glass of milk.

These traits, along with her sex skills, is why I ranked her as one of my top fifty pornstars and doubtless the reason why she’s worked with some of my fav smut sites.

She has hundreds of photos and videos loaded to her OnlyFans account, but you will have to pay for access. If you check her Twitter feed, you will see some sexy clips mixed in with vanilla posts. Those are free but are blue ball inducingly short.

Thank the goddess; there are still plenty of tubes which have longer samples of these sassy stars videos. And if you are new to my blog, I specialize in finding the best of these and linking you to them with my smart-assed commentary.

Jessa Rhodes squirts for the gun trainer (xHamster)

1.jpgIs there anything hotter than a pretty girl holding a gun?

Very few, I say.

The best of them is seeing one with a dick in her mouth or other orifices, as we see in this video. The first half is surprisingly story-driven, which seems to be catered to hoplophiles. I’d even say that if you’re a gun nut with a thing for blondes, you’ll completely empty your nuts to just the first part.

For all the rest of us, there is some fine reciprocal oral action followed up with some awesome meat rod riding.

The ass on Jessa Rhodes is insane and amazing (XVideos)

2.jpgThere is plenty of fine dick sucking performed by Rhodes throughout this post (just wait till you see video #2), but in this one, we see the first example of Jessa’s ability to deepthroat a cock as thick as her forearm.

Of course, if someone can swallow a sword like that, it’s a good bet they can have it pounded into their sheath. And that’s exactly what we see later in this prick arousing clip.

There are a couple more small but appreciated visual surprises in store, so lube up and love it.

Bitchy hotwife shares hubby’s cock with horny teen (Pornhub)

3.jpgWhen it comes to rolling between the sheets, two is company, and three is always welcome if you ask me. Obviously, Jessa agrees as she seems to perform with exceptional enthusiasm when she’s with a man and another woman.

If you don’t believe me, just study all of the supple and subtle moves Jessa makes. As always, I promise to never lie to you.

Blonde sleep fuck (XNXX)

4.jpgMorning sex is the tits, I think, as is being woken up by lover when they want to fuck. What’s almost as good is seeing it, especially when fine professionals like Miss Rhodes are doing it. I should mention that this movie progresses a little slow but is totally awesome since it runs a good forty-two minutes. With that said, pace yourself accordingly.

Jessa Rhodes masturbating before bedtime (xHamster)

5.jpgThis video is pretty simple when you watch it, but sometimes a change of pace is rather nice. In this case, we see that Jessa looks super fine fapping her lower lips. Not only that, but this video also proves that Rhodes can more than handle herself performing solo.

Jessa Rhodes fucks for her life (XVideos)

6.jpgIn porn past and present, we often get either a weak premise with no real plot or a story that is structured around a parody or camp. If you look around hard enough, you can find stuff that is a dick ton different, like this clip.

Rather than being a cliché comedy romp or a spin on someone else’s work, this movie has a horror twist to it. To give you some detail, Michael Vegas and Jessa were abducted in some seedy house and “forced” to fuck each other. Don’t worry, you aren’t going to see anything that will scare the hoses, but the thriller element adds to the experience more than you think.

Stepbro pounds sexy Jessa Rhodes (Pornhub)

7.jpgAs you’ll continue to see throughout this list, Jessa Rhodes is not only a good performer but is a surprisingly good actress even by “real” acting standards. And I don’t just mean the way she delivers her lines. She has an almost Scarlett Johansen ability to subtly perform facial expressions that seduce the viewer. Though if you ask me, it’s nice that Jessa has bigger tits.

She forgot about her white bf for a night (XNXX)

8.jpgThe thing that makes this video unique is the way that it’s shot. Instead of using high-quality lighting and multiple camera shots, they decided to go the amateur route.

By that, I mean that they use a single decent camera but one light source. The fact also that the cameraman clearly isn’t using a stabilizer and instead moves dynamically around the “set” gives you the feeling that you are there.

Not a bad technique if you ask me.

Jessa Rhodes sucking Santa’s big cock on Christmas (xHamster)

9.jpgIf the man in the red suit were real, most people would ask for a car, money, jewels, or some other materialistic trinket. What would a pornstar like Jessa Rhodes ask for? Why a hot red bellend, of course. And surprise, surprise she gets it…aallll the way down her throat.

Jessa Rhodes loves late night bbc (XVideos)

10.jpgThis video also has some fine use of story to sell the sex. If you’re worried about having to sit through an endless amount of shitty dialogue, don’t be. The plot is straight to the point and told quickly enough with a few lines and body language. I won’t give too much away, but there is plenty of humping to be seen a few minutes in.

Wife fucks other man on retreat (PornHub)

11.jpgCharles Dera is one lucky stud to be able to have fun with Jessa Rhodes in all of the best ways imaginable. Still, I can’t help but think that I would do a better job than that guy. Maybe that’s just me being my arrogant self. Perhaps it’s because Jessa completely dominates the scene from start to finish. Whatever the case, I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Mom teach sex (XNXX)

12.jpgThese simple titles, which read the way a caveman speaks, always amuse me. It almost seems as if the uploaders were so excited to share the smut they could barely coherently type. That certainly seems to be the case here, given how exceptionally hot Jessa looks when she’s wet after showering. I’m sure you can infer how the rest of the video goes based on the title and that tease.

Jessa Rhodes finds herself a rebound fuck (xHamster)

13.jpgSomething tells me that Jessa is the kind of girl in the real world who has never had to get a rebound romp. However, she sure can sell a scene where she acts like she needs one. To give you a few details, Jessa is the horny aggressor who pushes her partner to give it to her hard as hell. He’s a little slow on the uptake at first, but with a little bit of wet lipped motivation, he rises to the occasion.

Jessa Rhodes intense and hot anal with driver (XVideos)

14.jpgI told you earlier you were going to be blown away by Jessa’s oral skills by the time you came to this video. Besides cock gobbling, we get to see that her acting is alluring, her ‘fuck me face’ is even better, and she can take a cock up the back end just as well the front.

With work like this and all of the other videos we’ve seen so far, it seems to me that this girl can do no wrong and do a helluva lot of things better than most.

Dirty af teacher instructs students (PornHub)15.jpgThis final video has a little bit of a different format but is still plenty entertaining. If you ask me, the shift in the presentation is incredibly refreshing. Besides being shot POV and has Jessa co-starring with Janice Griffith, the movie’s opening has a series of Snapchat stories describing what the pair are going to do with their boy toy.

I’ll let you watch the rest of it and be impressed, but I’ll give you a few hints. We get to see Jessa showing off her sex skills, giving Janice advice on how to fuck, and interact with both playmates, bi the way. XD